Original Medicine 4-Part Series: Self-Empowerment Shamanic Journey with Mamerto “Lagitan” Tindongan

01/14/2023 04:00 PM - 06:30 PM PT



Self-Empowerment Shamanic Journey

with Mamerto “Lagitan” Tindongan

In the indigenous Filipino tradition, Ap-appuy is an intentional gathering around a fire for story-telling. This is how knowledge is transmitted among the people of the Ifugao region in the Philippines.

For empowerment purposes, the Ap-appuy helps participants re-live and re-create their own life’s story instead of just living the story prepared for them.

Our life stories have a beginning, middle, and end.  It is in your past life’s story ending that you can re-create, right at the moment, your new life that is in alignment with how you would like it or your divine purpose.

Hayju is an Ifugao traditional sieving basket for drying, storing, or collecting food from the pond-field. It is a metaphor for how you can simplify your life. You don’t want unnecessary baggage that will weigh you down on your journey.

In this workshop, Mamerto will guide you through a shamanic journey, sharing indigenous practices and teachings to empower and transform your life. We will use sound, movement, and breath awareness to help participants make a quantum leap into alignment with their divine life’s purpose.

This shamanic journey will enable a shift in consciousness, in order to break through the thin veil that separates the physical from the spiritual body.



About Mamerto "Lagitan" Tindongan

Mamerto “Lagitan” Tindongan is from the Ifugao tribe in the Northern Philippines. He is an 8th generation Mumbaki (shaman/healer). He was initiated into the Baki Ifugao role by his father in 2011, though he grew up with the tradition since childhood. Baki is Ifugao’s spirituality, which is a way of relating with nature spirits, deities and ancestors. He was also initiated in the Earth Keeper Quero Peruvian tradition, as Laika, in 2005. And Paqo, 4th level Andean Priest, in 2007. In his adulthood, he pursued graduate studies in the US. He returned to Ifugao, Philippines to revitalize, preserve and live their sacred ways. He restores damaged Ifugao huts, revives the Baki spiritual practices, practices traditional farming, carves wood and empowers the Ifugao community, among many others. In 2013, he started to build a Ifugao hut in Ohio, United States that united many people of Filipino descent and globally. In 2019, he and his children started the Ifugao Center for Living Culture to help preserve and inspire the embodiment of ancient sacred wisdom.


To Learn more about Lagitan, please watch this video:


About The Original Medicine 4-Part Series

This program is a psycho-spiritual cross-cultural mindfulness approach to the teachings that weave together Indigenous Wisdom, Mindfulness, and Earth-based practices in order to integrate seasons and the transitions between the seasons as cross-cultural mindfulness tools. In Indigenous societies, there are long-standing practices of honoring the sacred, cultivating stillness, embracing silence, being in nature, and conducting rituals to acknowledge the coming changes in the world around them and within themselves.  

Prior participation in previous OM 4-Part Sessions not required.


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